Saturday, April 21, 2007

Josie's Home

She is finally home and in our arms. Her flight came in at about 1:40p.m. From that moment the rest of the time is a bit foggy to me. I think I was beside myself with excitement. We waiting for about an hour and 40 minutes for the 4 beautiful babies to clear Customs. A baby boy and girl came through the doors first to meet their new families. The frosted glass doors shut again, but it wasn't a minute longer and the doors opened up. Baby Hannah came through first to her family and then there was our beautiful baby girl! The escort came over and handed her to me. She is perfect!!!! Josie didn't cry at all when I took her. The escort said that she was surprised because Josie would not go to anyone else on the plane. Riley came over to give her a big kiss and hug right away. He loves his new baby sister. She would touch Jeff's face, but she cried when he held her. Now he is starting to make her giggle. It was a perfect day. My Parents, sister, and two of her boys came and Jeff's Parents came. The last couple of days have been wonderful. She is finally starting to feel more secure and explore a little more. Mommy does not have to hold her all day. Riley thanked us yesterday morning for bringing his baby sister home. We could not be happier as a family of 4. Sorry for the lack of photos my sister took 99% and I don't have them yet.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Travel Call!!!!!

We can't believe it! Yesterday after work we got the call. Josie is coming home on April 18th. The phone was ringing and I told Jeff let the machine get it. He said no go get it. The lady on the other end asked for me. I thought it was someone trying to sell something. I found out it was our Social Worker. She said that we are going to want to take this call!!!! She is flying home on NorthWest with 2 other girls and 1 boy. I can't believe it only 12 more days!! Her friend Hannah that is only one day older will be flying in with her. I am so excited about that. They spend most of their first 7 months together. We have so much to do and not much time. Did I say only 12 more days!!!!!!!