Monday, March 26, 2007

Almost the News!!

Well we didn't get the Travel Call, but we did hear good news from our social worker. We emailed her today to find out if we would need to redo our fingerprints with CIS. They expire on the 26th of April. She just emailed us to say that the agency is confident that we do not need to redo our fingerprints. She said that she did not have a date yet as to when, but that she will be home soon. She stated as soon as she know she would call us:) Of course we want to know when but we are happy to know it will be before the 26th of April. I can't wait to post with our travel call this coming month!!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2007


Well we heard from our social worker this week and Josie won't be home this month. She said that they were hopeful that she would be home before our CIS fingerprints needed to be redone on the 26th of April, but they can't guarantee at this point. She is pretty sure she will not be home before Easter. We are heartbroken she won't be home by then. I did ask her if we could send one more care package. She let me know that if we got it out today then they would be able to get it to her this month yet. I went to Build-a-bear on Thursday with Riley and our friend Samantha. Riley helped build Josie this adorable lamb. We both sang "You are my sunshine" into a voice box they put in the lamb. We also are sending an outfit Jeff's Mom and Dad bought her for Christmas. She probably wouldn't be able to fit it if we wait. The other items are for the Foster family. The first care package had fine chocolate in it, but Hershey's is my favorite even if it not the gourmet kind. If you can imagine we fit everything into a 2 gallon Ziploc bag except the camera. We already sent 3 in the last package so we weren't to upset it wouldn't fit! We created a new countdown till May 1st. Only 58 more days!!! Hope to post good news in the next few weeks.