Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bummer No Travel Call

Well our agency called all of their waiters that got their February travel calls today. Looks like 10 babies are coming home with February passports. I have to say I am totally bummed. I really could go for a cheesecake right now! Yes I meant to say a cheesecake! The babies are not coming home until Mid-March, so I worry now that Josie won't be home by Easter. From all the information that we know Josie is one of the very top spots for a Travel Call next month. Right now that is not very comforting though. We hope and pray that the Korean Government issues passports much faster in March, so that there may still be hope for a late March arrival.

Our Perfect Little Angel

We just received a new update of our beautiful baby! It came in the mail on February 20, 2006. It wasn't the travel call we are so desperately wanting, but it was a wonderful surprise. She is almost 7 months old in these photos. The pictures I posted don't show her pigtails, but yes she can already wear pigtails. I think I need to find a few more stores with cute bows. She is doing great and is now with her Foster Mother until she comes home. The next few weeks are going to start to get really rough! This "labor" is lasting way to long. I had wanted to set up this blog for months now, so that family and friends could keep up with where we are in the process. After getting her update I knew I had to set it up now. We have had a great past few months. Jeff's two younger brothers Joe and Ted both got engaged to two wonderful girls that will make perfect additions to the family. We are very excited about their upcoming weddings this year. We met some new friends that have adopted from Korea too. The gals have started to give me Korean cooking lessons. It is awesome! We also belong to an International group. The sharing of different cultures is just wonderful. I hope this is something that we will be able to continue with Riley and Josie throughout their lives. With all of the ups and downs on the journey we are so thankful that we have been blessed. The photo above with Josie crying made one of my friends start to cry( too sweet) . She said that Josie wants her mommy. Okay that is enough of that I don't want to start crying. If March passes and no Josie, I'm sure my waterworks will be on! Well I hope the next time I post I will have the exciting news to say she is coming home.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Excitment in October

We celebration Josie's 100 day celebration on October 15, 2006. This is a big celebration in South Korea where it is "good luck" for you to hand out rice cakes to your neighbors for your baby. I don't know how to make them, so we went to a Korean Restaurant. We had a wonderful time. The waitress even told us to bring her in and they will teach her Korean when she comes home. Our son Riley even loved the food. On the 28th we received our CIS approval. Now we wait for the Visa approval. For Halloween we decorated a pumpkin for Josie. Riley helped pick out the cat.

The Journey Begins!

It all began on 12-02-2005. My husband Jeff and I were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. As our gift to one another we sent in our application to start our second adoption. Our hearts had lead us to South Korea for our daughter. The paperwork lasted forever with a few bumps in the road ( like with so many adoptions), but by July 18, 2006 we received our approved home study.