Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Wonderful Life

Brother and Sister already playing so well together. I can't believe that she is home. I say that I have " A Wonderful Life". We have been blessed with the two most precious children. Even with all of the ups and downs we have gone through with our adoptions I would not trade it for anything. All of those heartache were worth it for these two angels. God has really giving us a world of blessings.
Of course who is missing from the photo. One night both kids ended up in our bed and squeezed me out. I thought it was to cute so I had to take a quick photo.
Josie was all ready for our first post placement visit with our social worker.
After a couple of weeks Josie is now feeling comfortable to eat solid food. She hates baby food though. Her favorite so far is mashed up mac and cheese.
Look at her go! She always crawls around with something in her hand or is dragging it behind her.

I had to try on her new bows she got from our friend Alison. She ordered this adorable bows to help a little girl from China. That just makes them extra special! Too cute. Of course Riley was feeling a bit left out and had to try one on too. Jeff was not to happy with those photos, but I said that you need those kind of photos for his Graduation and Wedding.
I was so loving last night. Josie finally went to Jeff. Of course it helped that he let her hold the cell phone. I'm just loving these photos of the two of them.
It is amazing that she has been home for a 3 weeks now. We are all starting to get into a nice routine and just enjoy the last couple of weeks of my maternity leave. I have been looking on the Internet to buy her first hanbok (traditional Korean dress). There is too many to decide on. I can't wait to have her photos taken in it and some with Riley. Being a mom is just the greatest gift ever!